2020 Golf Season
Just a few 18 or 9 hole memberships available.


Our memberships have never been more popular and we are close to being at full capacity. There is strong interest in the selected 18 & 9 hole memberships which are still available. We welcome enquires, and to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you enquire as soon as possible.  
Whether you prefer to play a little or a lot, Cedar Brae has a golf membership that is right for you!  We understand that golfers come to our Club with different expectations. Some want to play a lot with no restrictions in play times.

Others have limited time to play golf and don't need – or want – unlimited play time. That's why we offer several different ways to enjoy the golf membership experience at Cedar Brae Golf Club:
  • Gold golf membership (Unlimited playing rights)
  • Flex Golf membership (Play 18 or 9 holes with unlimited playing privileges with a low annual fee combined with a membership use fee)
  • Associate Trial membership (One year Trial Membership of Gold playing rights with no entrance fee)
  • Intermediate golf membership (Full playing rights with amortized fees for members between the ages of 19 and 45)
  • Corporate Trial membership

We also offer:
  • Golf Memberships for Juniors & Families
  • Sport & Social Memberships 
  • Intro to Golf Program(for those new to the game of Golf)
  • Dining Membership

For more information on our wide range of flexible membership opportunities for the 2020 season, please contact Chris Jones, Member Services & Marketing Coordinator.

You can reach Chris by phone at 416.293.4161 Ext.26 or by email membership@cedarbraegolf.com