Welcome to the 2022 golf season at Cedar Brae Golf Club. The Academy's coaching programs utilize a comprehensive approach to coaching and focus on all aspects of your golf game. The Academy offers coaching and instruction programs that allow our membership the flexibility to choose the appropiate length and number of lessons needed to meet every member's personal goals.
From beginner to the accomplished golfer, everyone will benefit from our sequential lesson approach in building repeatable skills and long lasting results.
The path toward improvement will start with an initial swing evaluation utilizing Trackman technology. This analysis/diagnosis will provide you with an accurate assessment of your golf swing. Your golf professional will then recommend a step-by-step coaching plan on how to improve, leading to a more consistent and dependable golf swing. Trackman data and video recording, lesson notes and drills will be posted on line within 24 hours to reinforce your improvement plan.
Lessons are 45 minutes in length and can be used toward full swing, short game and on-course playing lessons.
Lesson packs can be shared by family members.


Swing Evaluation and play 3 holes       $175   (90 minutes)
Private Lesson                                      $120  (45 minutes)
9 hole playing lesson                            $200   (2 hours)                  
Coaching Plans
5 - 45 min. Par Lesson Package             $500 ($100 per lesson)
10-45 min. Birdie Lesson Package         $850  ($85 per lesson)
15-45 min. Eagle Lesson Package         $1,050 ($70 per lesson)
40-45 min. Annual Plan Lesson Package  $2,500 ($62 per lesson)
Lessons will include a combination of short game, full swing, on course coaching, and mental game training.
*Swing Evaluation charge will be debited from the cost of any selected plan* **HST not included**

Ladies Spring Clinics
(Minimum of 3, Maximum of 6).

During the sessions of 4-45 minute lessons you'll rediscover your swing fundamentals, develop good practice habits, and review course management allowing you to get the most out of your game as the season develops.

A a 9-hole "on course" training game will be part of the program. This will focus on tactics and developing your reliable authentic golf swing.
Week 1 – Explore the learning environment and develop skills around short game, putting and chipping
Week 2 – Full swing, hybrids and irons
Week 3 – Wedge game, bunkers
Week 4 – Driver, visualization, rules, game formats
Week 5 -  On-course location to be confirmed 9 hole game followed by light lunch and debrief
May & June Sessions                                            
Fridays: May 13, 20, 27 & June 3  Time: 9:15 am - 10:00 am                       
On-Course 9 hole game - Friday June 10 @ 8:00 am followed by a light lunch and post round debrief 

Cost: $200.00 Plus HST

Additionally, based on intrest we will provde an away game experience, with location and cost to be confirmed. 

Our Corporate Programs
Inspire, inform, and engage your employees and customers
We believe that our programming will help you create relationships that will last a lifetime. Join us to improve your clients and employees golf skills, foster client relationships, and close deals on the golf course. Our expert coaching team will entertain your clients in a fun and engaging way that offers the novice player to the most skilled the opportunity to succeed in a welcoming environment for all.
We can customize a golf program just for you and your schedule!
Corporate Corner:
Ready for your next corporate scramble
Lower your scores
Get the ball in the hole faster
Skill Challenges
Putting Course
Team Building Exercises
Correcting the Miss you Hate
Learning the Do’s and Don’ts of Course Etiquette
Logo Services
Personalized Attention
Customized Events
Contact us for pricing and to schedule your next corporate experience!
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Head Professional
Cedar Brae Golf Club
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