The Audubon Society Sanctuary System Program

This program, under the auspices of the Royal Canadian and United States Golf Associations, aims to harmonize the areas around the golf course with naturalized areas. Cedar Brae is fortunate to have members, staff and an executive management with a high degree of environmental responsibility for the natural environment and wildlife on the course property. Cedar Brae achieved certification as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary on April 20, 2015 and became the 51st course in Canada and the 906th in the world to achieve this award. Currently, approximately 350 courses in Canada are enrolled in this program and are in various stages of completion. Cedar Brae was presented with a certified Audubon framed print and a completion certificate which are on display in the clubhouse. The current Audubon Program, under the leadership of Darren Little, will continue to work to implement programs and projects which maintain and improve the natural environment of the course.

To become Audubon certified and maintain the status of this prestigious award we must continually assess our management practices on the course to make sure that we fall in line with the mandate.  The topics that are at the top of the list are; water quality management, outreach and education, environmental planning, wildlife and habitat management, chemical use & safety, and last but not least water conservation.  These topics managed correctly, will all help in long term sustainability of the property and the game of golf that resides within its boarders.

What members and their guests see as a result of adopting the Audubon philosophy are more natural fields and grasses, offering distinctive contrasts to the beautifully maintained playing areas and encouraged growth of native trees, shrubs, flowers and increasing numbers of birds and wildlife. As well as being aesthetically appealing, this program saves dollars by significantly reducing the need for fertilization and pest management products and labour maintenance costs. An additional benefit to the Audubon program is the harmony achieved with the Metro Toronto and Regional Conservation Authority by being good stewards of the land we enjoy at Cedar Brae golf Club.