2019 Golf Season
Just a few 18 or 9 hole memberships available.
Call now (view offer) and inquire about our Fall Membership Referral Program!!! 

Our memberships have never been more popular and we are close to being at full capacity. There is strong interest in the selected 18 & 9 hole memberships which are still available. We welcome inquires, but to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you inquire as soon as possible.  
Whether you prefer to play a little or a lot, Cedar Brae has a golf membership that’s right for you!  We understand that golfers come to our Club with different expectations. Some want to play a lot with no restrictions in play times.

Others have limited time to play golf and don't need – or want – unlimited play time. That's why we offer several different ways to enjoy the golf membership experience at Cedar Brae Golf Club:
  • Gold golf membership (Unlimited playing rights)
  • Flex Golf membership (Play 18 or 9 holes with unlimited playing privileges with a low annual fee combined with membership use fee)
  • Associate Trial membership (One year Trial Membership of Gold playing rights with no entrance fee)
  • Intermediate golf membership (Full playing rights with amortized fees for members between the ages of 19 and 45)
  • Intermediate Flex Membership (low annual fee combined with membership use fee for members between the ages of 19-45) 

We also offer:
  • Golf memberships for Corporations
  • Golf memberships for Juniors & Families
  • Sport & Social Memberships (for those new to the game of Golf)
  • Intro to Golf program
  • And a Dining Membership

For more information on our wide range of flexible membership opportunities for the 2019 season, please contact Chris Jones, Member Services & Marketing Coordinator.

You can reach Chris by phone at 416.293.4161 Ext.26 or by email membership@cedarbraegolf.com