2024 Full Membership

When joining Cedar Brae Golf Club as a Full Member, you are required to pay an Entrance Fee, purchase a Promissory Note and pay Annual Dues. The details and explanation of each are as follows:
Food & Beverage
Gold $6,475 $17,500 $4,000 $850 $1,200
Bronze $5,965 $17,500 $4,000 $850 $1,200
*Flex $2,715 +
$100/ round
$17,500 $4,000 $850 $1,200
(2 designates required)
$17,500 N/A $850 $1,200 (each)
All fees subject to the HST (excluding the Promisory Note)

* Flex Membership - Both 18-hole and 9-hole (some restrictions apply) rates are available with the Flex Membership

Entrance Fee –  The Entrance Fee is the amount for the right to join the Club as a member and is non-refundable.  The current Entrance Fee is $17,500 + HST and is payable in 5 interest free installments.  Immediate family of a new or existing member making an application to join the Club will pay an entrance fee of fifty percent (50%) of the posted entrance fee in effect at the time when the application is made. A 5% discount credit will be offered if the Entrance Fee is to be paid up front.  The discount will be given in the combination of the following: Guest and Cart passes.
Promissory Note – When joining Cedar Brae as a Full Member, you also become a stakeholder in the Club by way of a non interest bearing Promissory Note (debenture) purchase. Cedar Brae is a non-equity club but is owned by its members through the purchase of a Promissory Note. The current Promissory Note value is $4,000 for an individual and $5,100 per couple (payment plans available). Not subject to taxes. In the event that you ever decide to leave the Club, the Promissory Note value is returned to you.
Annual Dues - When joining Cedar Brae as a Full Member, you have the following membership category options which have associated costs and playing privileges.

Gold, Flex, and Corporate Members have full playing privileges (unrestricted)
Bronze Members have full playing privileges Monday - Friday but only after 4:00pm on Weekends & Holidays

Please note: Corporate membership is a non-stake holding membership; Corporate members are not required to purchase a Promissory Note. There must be two (2) active membership designates and the membership is transferable by paying 20% of the Entrance Fee at the time of transfer.
All members are also required to spend a Minimum on Food and Beverage throughout the season and are subject to a Capital Fund.  The Minimum Food and Beverage amount is not charged up front but must be spent throughout the course of the fiscal year (November to October).  The Capital Fund is paid in 12 monthly instalments.
For more information regarding membership please contact Chris Jones, Member Services & Marketing Coordinator. You can reach Chris by phone at 416.293.4161 Ext.26 or by email membership@cedarbraegolf.com