Intermediate & Intermediate Flex Membership (Ages 19-45)

Cedar Brae has developed a program that allows younger members to amortize both the Entrance Fee and Promissory Note purchase over a longer period of time. The duration will be dependent on age. We have five unique Intermediate categories that carry different fees and annual dues. The breakdown is as follows.
Intermediate Member Fees
Membership Category
by Age
Annual Dues
 Entrance Fee
Annual Installments
Promissory Note Annual Installments Minimum House

Intermediate I
age 19-25

$0 $0

Intermediate II
age 26-29

$200 $350

Intermediate III
age 30-34

$200 $350

Intermediate IV
age 35-39

$400 $650
Intermediate V
age 40-45
4 payments of $1,000 $850
 All Fees subject to HST (excluding the Promissory Note)
Entrance Fee - Paid in annual installments by category and age (to a maximum of $10,000)
Promissory Note - Annual Installments by category and age (to a maximum of $4,000)
Minimum House - Intermediates II,III,IV, and V members are required to spend a Minimum on Food and Beverage
Intermediate Flex Annual Dues– by category and age
Membership Category
by Age
Intermediate III Flex
age 30-34
$1,990 + $75 per round
Intermediate IV Flex
age 35-39
$1,990 + $75 per round
Intermediate V Flex
age 40-45
$1,990 + $75 per round

For more information regarding membership please contact Chris Jones, Member Services & Marketing Coordinator. You can reach Chris by phone at 416.293.4161 Ext. 26 or by email